Get rid of those pesky weeds for good with Yardsy weed control.

Weed control is a critical part of keeping your lawn lush and beautiful. At Yardsy our weed control team will apply the simple steps required to prevent weeds from growing and will keep weeds away in the future

How We Get Started With Weed Control

Before we start weed control we make a plan. We mark off the areas of your yard where weeds might be a problem. We break your yard into two or three zones based on soil type and sunlight exposure. Once we’ve marked off your yard and identified problem areas, we start weed control strategies. We focus on killing existing weeds when they appear and on preventing weeds from growing in the future.

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We'll Identify Problem Areas

Next our weed control technicians identify problem areas. We’ll focus our efforts on the weeds that actually cause damage in your yard. These problem areas can vary depending on your yard. Lawns, for example, often have issues with weeds like crabgrass. Gardens, on the other hand, are often overtaken by weeds like dandelions and bindweed. If you have a vegetable garden, you may also want to focus on weed control that will not kill helpful herbs or vegetables.

We'll Implement Proper Weed Control Techniques

Once we have identified problem areas, we implement proper weed control techniques. We focus on preventing weeds from growing in the first place. 


Pre-emergents are herbicides that are applied to the soil before weeds start to emerge. They work by creating a barrier in the soil that prevents weed seeds from germinating. This type of herbicide is often used in lawns and landscapes to prevent weeds from taking over.

Another way we do this is to add mulch to your garden beds. Mulch keeps the soil around your plants moist while blocking weeds from growing. We also use plastic or fabric weed barriers to prevent weeds from growing in specific areas of your yard, such as decorative bed space.

Essential Weed Control Steps

With our essential weed control package Yardsy visits your yard seven times per year to apply seasonally calibrated combinations of grass fertilizer and weed control, including pre-emergent herbicides. Our weed control service is the cornerstone of Yardsy lawn care.

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Premium Weed Control

In addition to the seven applications in the Essential tier, the Premium tier includes optional Service Add-Ons listed below. You save serious money, and your yard looks beautiful.