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Lime Application

Service currently available to Atlanta customers only. Coming soon to other locales!

It's all about restoring balance: pH balance, that is! Lime application in the fall primes your soil to deliver what your lawn needs.

What is a lime application treatment?
Lime application involves use of a lawn spreader or tiller to distribute a layer of finely ground limestone on top of your grass. The lime dissolves into the soil over several months with the help of natural rainfall. Since lime itself is alkaline, this process counterbalances excessive acidity in the soil (often the result of overfertilization or runoff problems).

Why does your grass need a lime application?  
Grass, plants and shrubs all need the nutrients your soil can provide, but if the soil itself is too acidic, the flow of those nutrients is hindered. A judicious application of lime helps optimize nutrient absorption. That means lush, healthier grass.

When to apply lime  
Because lime absorption requires a few months to achieve optimal soil pH balancing, we administer this treatment in the fall, just as grass goes dormant for winter. Timing it this way means that when your lawn wakes up in spring and starts to grow, the soil will be primed to deliver the nutrients it needs.