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Yardsy Mosquito Control will keep the whole family itch free

Available in Atlanta, Nashville and  Charlotte. Coming soon to other locales!

Enjoy your yard in peace with bee-friendly mosquito treatments. We also install mister systems, and can even treat spaces for special events.

The problem with mosquitos

Mosquitos can ruin your summer outdoor gatherings with family and friends. We all can agree on that. But southern summers are hot and humid—just how mosquitoes like ‘em. Ya, there’s plenty not to like about these little invaders. They’re pesky. They bite. And, at worst, they transmit germs and diseases. Good news: With a little help, you can make your outdoor space your very own.

What is mosquito control?
Mosquito control is the method of ridding your yard of, well, mosquitoes. A special treatment is applied to trees, shrubs and other outdoor areas to keep them at bay. During each visit, we inspect your property for any standing water and apply a product to eliminate any eggs.

Mosquito hack: Between applications, keep an eye out for any standing water to keep mosquitoes away. It’s well worth the trouble to dry out gutter downspouts, outdoor pottery and dishes, buckets or watering cans, and outdoor toys. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

When and how often should you treat for mosquitos?
Summer months are when mosquitoes are most prevalent. For most effective treatment, our mosquito control service team comes every 21 days to apply an EPA-approved mixture to mosquito-friendly areas in your yard. This kills adult mosquitoes and inhibits larval development, without harming pollinators.

Hosting a special outdoor event? Keep mosquitoes from crashing your party. Contact us no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled event start, and we’ll create a no-mosquito zone for your event.