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Top Dressing

It's like a spa treatment for your yard. Give grass a healthy start and set the stage for gorgeous growth at the start of the season.

What is top dressing?
Top dressing involves applying a special soil-and-sand mixture in an even, thin layer to the surface of your grass. Though it sounds odd, top dressing yields several benefits:

  • Fortifies soil – top dressing adds natural nutrients to your lawn.
  • Reduces thatch – too much thatch can starve grass, preventing valuable nutrients and water from reaching roots. Top dressing helps decompose the thatch layer in your lawn.
  • Controls weeds and fights plant diseases – top dressing helps eliminate harmful weeds and fungus.

Why top dress your lawn?  

You know that guy in your neighborhood whose lawn could pass for a golf course? We’re here to let you in on his secret: top dressing. Top dressing streamlines and smooths your lawn, creating a beautiful, uniform appearance by reducing unsightly irregularities. As the name suggests, it’s the key to showing off your yard’s best side!

When to top dress  
In Atlanta where warm-season grass is prevalent we advise top dressing annually, and we offer it during spring and summer: right before or during active growth season. That’s typically from May through July.

We’ve found it’s smart to combine spring aeration with top dressing treatment. Aeration preps your lawn to gain maximum benefit from top dressing. Each service is valuable in its own right, but together they are a magic combo that we’ve been using with great results for years.