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Frequently Asked Questions

Anytime answers to all-the-time questions.

When do you begin treating yards each year?

We actually never stop! Year-round treatments lead to healthy, gorgeous lawns. Our total lawn care program is specifically designed to maintain your lawn’s health seasonally.

Do I need to be home for all Yardsy visits?

Most visits won’t require you to be present. When we service your yard, you’ll receive a follow-up email the same day with need-to-know information: specific treatments performed, any potential issues we identified or encountered, and even a special tip from our resident expert and company mascot, Skip.

On the day of service, if you live in a gated home, please be sure to unlock the gate for our team. If your home is in a gated community, please notify security personnel that Yardsy is treating your lawn.

Are Yardsy products safe for my pets and children?

As irresistible as lush lawns can be to kids and their furry friends, we recommend that everyone wait 24 hours after a Yardsy visit before setting foot on the grass. It’s easy to forget, and so we’ll place a clearly marked sign in your yard to remind you, your family, and your increasingly jealous neighbors.

Should I keep my pets inside during a treatment visit?

Yes. We ask that both your family and your animals stay out of the yard while we treat it, and avoid contact with any treated areas for 24 hours after a Yardsy visit.

What are those brown and bare spots on my lawn?

Good question! Brown spots can be caused by grubs, poor irrigation, fungus, and more. In other words, it depends. Contact us to schedule a visit: we will inspect the affected area and offer treatment recommendations.

Do you require a contract to service my lawn?

No. The quality of our work sells itself. You can end or pause service at any time without penalty. We love repeat business: that’s why we make sure it’s voluntary.

I want to sign up. How do I get started?

Please fill out a contact form or give us a call at 404.777.SKIP to schedule a convenient appointment. Or, if you spot our truck parked in your neighborhood, feel free to swing by and say hello. Often we can take a moment to chat with you right then and there!

How often can I expect a Yardsy visit?

While the frequency of treatments may vary depending on the season, we visit each yard in roughly 6-8 week intervals.

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