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Soil Sampling

Service currently available in Atlanta, Nashville and Charlotte. Coming soon to other locales!

Can you really trust the soil in your yard? Wondering why growth is inconsistent? Maybe it's time to get the real dirt on your dirt.

Find out exactly what you’re working with
Although we’re pretty great at figuring out what your lawn needs, sometimes more definitive data is the only solution. Using a handheld probe, we extract representative samples of your soil and send them to be analyzed by a soil testing laboratory.

Why conduct soil sampling?
Soil sampling provides concrete, reliable information about the state of your soil, including:

  • pH balance: is your lawn uniformly balanced in the right spot between acidity and alkalinity? Are certain spots affected by runoff or excess fertilizer (or excess lime)?
  • Nutrient levels: does your soil consistently retain nutrients, or are drainage or other elements leeching the good stuff away from the grass and shrubs that need it?

When it’s time have your soil analyzed  
Typically we use soil sampling on outdoor spaces that respond inconsistently to consistent treatment. Maybe 75% of your yard looks just the way you love, but that pesky back corner of the lawn just doesn’t want to cooperate. We can find out why, and then take the exact steps needed to get everything growing. Soil sampling takes a lot of the guesswork out of addressing common turf complications.