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Tree, Shrub &
Plant Healthcare

Designed to bring your outdoors to life. Then keep it thriving year-round. Don’t just maintain your yard. Bring it to life. Weeds, insects and fungi won’t see this coming

What’s tree, shrub and plant care?
Plants and shrubs are part of your yard’s ecosystem. They need the same kinds of things your lawn does. But they need them delivered differently, and with a specialized set of treatments. That’s why Yardsy offers various solutions like our Tree Shrub Package, Boxwood Protection, Deep Root Injection for Fertilization, Deep Root Injection for Diseases & Insects, and Bed Weed Control.

Let’s dig a little deeper
Boxwood Protection:
Boxwood blight is a fungal disease that weakens plants and makes them susceptible to plant diseases. It was detected in the United States in 2011, but has spread rapidly since then. The initial indicator of this disease is the appearance of brown spots on leaves which themselves soon fall off, followed by dying branches. Currently, prevention is the only way to beat boxwood blight. Our protection program is designed to do just that.

Deep Root Injection/Fertilization: Though we call it “the city in a forest,” Atlanta has more than its fair share of red clay soil. That spells a tough time for shrubs and trees, as their roots run too deep for aerated turf, and they struggle to reach nutrients. Yardsy employs a deep injection process to deliver nutrients right where roots need them: at a depth of 5 or 6 inches beneath the surface. We inject the soil in a pattern that extends all the way out to the end of the tree canopy, ensuring the entire root system is nourished. 

Deep Root Injection/Disease & Insect: When adding fertilization through deep root injection, we can also add an insecticide to the treatment to prevent insect damage. Or, if insects are your primary concern, we have a deep injection process designed just for that.

Bed Weed Control: No matter the season, weeds can spread very rapidly, choking your plants and depleting the soil of water and nutrients. But here’s the catch: Once you pull one out, chances are it’ll grow right back. That’s why Yardsy offers a bed weed control solution that gets rid of weeds, and gets rid of them for good.

When to consider expert care
Once boxwood blight shows up, it’s game over. Prevention is your best option. Our program includes six separate fungicidal applications throughout the year to promote healthy shrubs, protect your plants and keep both beautiful all year long.

Where weeds are concerned, once they get a deep hold, it’s difficult to get rid of them on your own. No matter how much of your yard they’ve taken over, we’ve got the tools to get rid of them and keep them away.

And when it comes to the health of  trees, shrubs and plants, the sooner you give them the nutrients they need, the sooner they’ll thrive. Don’t wait—our team’s ready when you are.