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Lighting Installation & Repair

Service currently available to Atlanta customers only. Coming soon to other locales!

Beauty, utility and safety combine in thoughtfully designed, well-maintained outdoor lighting. We install, upgrade and even repair systems.

What is lighting installation and repair?
Good lighting can bring a beautiful lawn to life. We use a variety of fixtures—paired with lighting techniques such as grazing, silhouetting and shadowing—to illuminate your landscape and outdoor space. 

Here are a few to consider:

  • Grazing: Adds depth and dimension to brick, stonework or architectural features 
  • Silhouetting: Draw attention to an object by lighting a vertical surface behind it
  • Shadowing: Showcase textures, shapes and height differences of items in plant beds
  • In-ground: Deliver light to permanent installations such as sidewalks and large trees
  • Hardscape: Highlight stone features, retaining walls, steps, handrails and more

Why lighting?
Sure, outdoor lighting is needed for functional purposes. You want to feel safe when you’re crossing your walkway in the evenings. But it’s also about aesthetics. Properly placed lighting enhances the overall experience, whether you’re enjoying a relaxing evening on the porch or playing the role of bright-hearted host. Plus, a beautiful and well-lit lawn can help boost the value of your home.

When to consider installation and repair?
There’s never a bad time to think about lighting your outdoor space. No matter your current lighting situation, we can help you take the next step for both beauty and safety. And if you need an existing installation repaired, we’ll be right over to fix it as soon as possible.