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Irrigation Installation & Repair

Service currently available to Atlanta customers only. Coming soon to other locales!

Support your outdoor space investment with optimized hydration. We test backflow, adjust patterns and repair irrigation and drainage systems.

What is irrigation installation and repair?
Irrigation systems are designed to help your yard, shrubs and ornamental plants grow. Over time, though, you may realize that your sprinkler heads aren’t reaching plants that need it most. Or that poor weather conditions have led to leaks, broken or clogged heads, and other problems.

Whether you need installation or repair, Yardsy will visit and inspect your irrigation system, identifying and making any adjustments needed to ensure it delivers sufficient hydration—exactly where it’s needed.

Why is this important?
A healthy and vibrant yard needs proper hydration to help import nutrients throughout the plants. But standing out in your yard with a hose is so, well, 1985. Put matters into our hands with our irrigation installation and repair service, where we’ll find exactly what works best for your yard. Bonus perk: You could save money on your water bills while you’re at it. 

Properly corralling and dispersing water runoff is also necessary because we need it to water our plants without drowning them. That’s why we offer drainage systems for your outdoors, like surface drainage systems, slope drainage systems, downspouts and gutter systems.

When’s the best time?
Moved into a new home? Looking to jazz up the outdoor space you’ve been neglecting for far too long? Whatever the case, it’s never too early or too late to give your yard some love.  

But when it comes to Atlanta weather and your irrigation system, you’ll want to take timing into account. Though winters can be mild, we still have frosty nights when we leave faucets dripping. Because when water freezes it expands—and causes good ol’ southern plumbing to burst. That’s also true in lawn irrigation systems. You may not even be using your sprinklers, but the PVC or polyethylene pipes in your irrigation system often contain water that can freeze and rupture them. Worse, freezing water in your system’s backflow assembly can damage the internal components or even crack the brass body. Let Yardsy minimize your risk of freeze damage with our irrigation system winterizing program.