Invasive Species Control

Don’t let invasive species run your yard. Let our team clear the path for a healthy, useable space.

What is invasive species control?
Invasive species are any non-native plants that harm the local ecosystem—think kudzu, English ivy, Japanese barberry and so on. Once they take over, which they tend to do with vigor, they leave no mercy for anything in their path. Other than being irritating and unsightly, invasive species degrade our soil, cause erosion, spread wildfires (…and spread like wildfires), and outcompete species that have evolved to live there. For example: they can easily block sunlight, leaving plants growing underneath them to die.

The good news is, with the right tools, any unwanted growth can be destroyed for good. At Yardsy, we identify which chemical application applies to your situation and carefully apply it until the species is eradicated.

Commercial vs. residential
When it comes to location, invasive species don’t discriminate. But treatment does differ depending on the type of location.

For residential areas, we use selective control to ensure we don’t kill other plants when ridding your yard of unwanted ones. This process includes proper and careful application using a special chemical treatment that kills plants at the root.

Commercial areas, on the other hand, tend to be more overgrown with invasive species. Whether it’s highways, bridges, power lines or other public areas, we offer various right of way control applications. These tend to be non-selective, meaning they kill everything they come in contact with. This process ensures large, overgrown areas are cleaned up quickly and effectively without the risk of regrowth.

Beat these plants to the punch
The best way to fight invasive species is prevention. But if you see any growth pop up, it’s best to get rid of it right away. Problem is, if not removed properly, these pesky plants will likely return. Whether they’re on the cusp of spreading or have already taken over the land, getting rid of them for good can be done with the right plan of attack. Lucky for you, we have just the right one.