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About Yardsy

We’re a company that brings over 20 years of turf management experience to every lawn we serve. We treat your yard exactly how we treat our own.

The Yardsy Story

Founded in 2019 by Jonathan Gillespie, Yardsy began its journey with a vision to transform lawn care. Starting with a single truck and leveraging 15 years of turf management expertise, Jonathan’s mission quickly captured the attention of the community. Yardsy established a new standard in lawn care by emphasizing professionalism, dedication, and quality, rapidly earning a reputation that sparked growth. The company mascot, Skip, added a unique touch by engaging, educating, and entertaining clients.

In 2021, Yardsy broadened its offerings to encompass a full range of outdoor services, including plant and tree healthcare, mosquito control, aeration, and top dressing. Today, Yardsy collaborates with landscapers, commercial property managers, and homeowners across Atlanta, Nashville, and Charlotte, inviting them to reimagine the potential of their outdoor areas.

Yardsy’s success is reflected in its expanding executive team. Alongside President Jonathan Gillespie, Allan Gunter serves as the Vice President of Operations, playing a key role in steering the company’s growth and innovation in outdoor services.