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7 Reasons To Kill Weeds In Fall

Maintaining a beautiful, weed-free lawn requires constantly guarding against invasive weeds.  One often overlooked strategy is to kill weeds in fall before the temperatures drop and growth slows for the winter. One final application of weed control products now will give your lawn a better chance to flourish and outcompete weeds for nutrients and water in spring. Here are seven reasons to kill weeds in fall:

1. Prevent Overwintering Weeds

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Weeds, much like bears, hibernate during the winter. When you kill weeds in fall, you help ensure they won’t come back in the spring with a vengeance. Left untreated, many weeds overwinter and return stronger, ready to compete with your cherished grass. Weeds can survive winter conditions and attacking them now can significantly reduce their numbers.

2. Reduce Competition

Weeds are notorious for stealing precious resources from your grass, including nutrients, water, and sunlight. If you kill weeds in fall you give your grass a head start, allowing it to grow stronger roots and establish a lush, weed-free lawn. When temperatures warm up in spring, your grass will have an easier time getting what it needs to thrive and look its best.

3. Easier Hand Weeding

Fall offers the perfect conditions for weeding. The soil is typically softer and more forgiving than the parched earth of summer, and many weeds are larger and more noticeable. This means you can pull them up by the roots with less effort and prevent regrowth. Physical weed removal works best when the soil is moist. There are a number of tools available that can make this process go more smoothly for homeowners.

4. Stop Seed Production

Weeds are prolific seed producers, which is one of the main reasons for their relentless spread. When you kill weeds in fall, you prevent them from creating and dispersing new seeds which can lead to even more weed problems next year. Fewer weeds mean fewer seeds, and that’s a win for your lawn. Maintaining a consistent weed control routine over time will significantly reduce weed issues and transform your lawn into a beautiful weed-free carpet. 

5. Improve Soil Health

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Weeds can alter nutrient levels in your soil, creating an unfavorable environment for your grass. By taking the proactive step to kill weeds in the fall, you can help maintain a more balanced and nutrient-rich soil, ensuring the health and vibrancy of your lawn. Don’t let weeds rob the soil of the nutrients your lawn requires to stay green and healthy.

6. Save Time and Labor

Fall weed control allows you to get ahead of the game. When spring arrives, you’ll have less weeding to do, freeing up your time for other gardening tasks like planting and mulching. It’s an investment in your lawn that pays off in saved hours and energy, making your yard a more manageable and enjoyable space.

7. Prevent Disease

Weeds can sometimes serve as hosts for pests and diseases that can harm your grass. When you kill weeds in fall you can reduce the risk of these issues spreading or recurring, safeguarding your lawn from potential threats. 

Consider Professional Weed Control Services

Proactively addressing weed issues in the fall is part of a comprehensive weed management strategy. It sets the stage for easier weed control throughout the year, helping you maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn. While many homeowners can handle basic lawn care tasks, weed control can be a complex and often frustrating endeavor. 

Professional weed control experts possess in-depth knowledge of various weed species and their life cycles. They can accurately identify and target the specific weeds plaguing your lawn, ensuring effective and long-lasting control. Weed control is not a one-size-fits-all task, and professionals tailor their approach to your unique situation, considering factors like grass type, local climate, and the severity of the weed problem. This ensures the most effective solution for your lawn’s specific needs.

In addition, professional services have access to high-quality herbicides and other control methods that are often more effective than what you can purchase at your local garden store. They also have the expertise to apply these products safely and efficiently, further protecting your lawn and the environment.

Want to Kill Weeds in Fall? Yardsy Can Help!

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