Turf Insect Control

Make more room for the visitors you want. And less for the ones you don’t.

What’s fire ant, armyworm and grub control?
Fire ants, armyworms and grubs—the larval form of several species of beetles—often take up residence in our very own yards. If left untreated, these pests can damage your yard in major ways.

Luckily, our treatment programs are designed to get you back to enjoying your outdoor space as quickly and safely as possible. 

Why worry about these pests?

Since they feed on grass roots, grubs can wreak havoc on healthy lawns. Over time, they can seriously thin out otherwise lush turf—as can the moles that feed on grubs (yep, you have to worry about those too). 

Armyworms get their name because they move across fields in an army-like fashion. A not-so-fun fact? The fall armyworm is the most common cause of damaged turf grass on home landscapes. Damage may initially resemble drought stress, but will lead to complete loss of foliage if the turf grass is left untreated.

And if you spot a fire ant mound, it’s a safe bet that thousands of fire ants have already taken up residence in your yard. Step on one, and, well…ouch!

When and how often you should get treatment?
When it comes to pests, timing is everything. Our grub control program provides applications every six months to keep your lawn grub-free all year long. 

As for fire ants, our treatment program includes two semi-annual applications designed to free your yard from these miniature menaces.